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Breaking News: Deportation
Two days ago the following was reported on Global Visas.com

Source: Global Visas

"A US teenage singer dubbed the “next Britney Spears” and her severely disabled grandmother have been ordered to leave England by UK immigration officials.

Taylor Horn, 16, and wheelchair-bound Lesley Jones were interrogated for more than three hours at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool.

They had travelled on a flight from France, to spend five months living in the UK and to promote Taylor’s music career.

But on arrival in Liverpool on July 5, the girl and her grandmother, 57, were detained by UK immigration officials."

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Given the large amount of visitors which access this site, please show your full support to Taylor Horn during this time.

Thank you.

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Currently we are having a few transitional problems since we have moved to jpmarkey.co.uk - for some reason www.taylor.jpmarkey.co.uk does not work currently but http://taylor.jpmarkey.co.uk does

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